Executive Leadership Experiences

Annually, the EDC hosts an out-of-market leadership experience to learn best practices from other major metropolitan areas. Most recently, two major economic game changing initiatives for our region sprang from our 2012 experience in Austin, Texas. A new regional business brand, “Orlando. You don’t know the half of it.” grew out of learning how Austin leadership developed a unified approach that has transformed their economy and established an effective global brand over the past 20 years. Another transformational project, the International Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing Research (ICAMR), currently under construction in Osceola County, was modeled after a successful public-private semiconductor consortium in Austin (and Albany, NY). ICAMR will partner with industry, universities and government to leverage and complement existing advanced semiconductor research, to integrate and enable the production of universal smart sensors and advanced photonics devices.

Where we just went?

June 3-5, 2015 // Phoenix, AZ

Participants experienced collaborative learning about best practices and next-generation innovations poised to economically transform Greater Phoenix, which similar to Orlando, is home to one of the largest universities in the country, is focused on innovation, and is taking action to become a leading center of emerging technologies. View Photos

Past Experiences

2014: One Orlando

We stayed home focusing on a common unifying viewpoint - One Region - One Vision - One Voice. View Photos

2012: Austin, TX

Austin & Orlando ... both known for imagination and creativity and finding success through unique partnerships and innovative collaborations. View Photos


2010: Denver, CO

Denver & Orlando ... different altitude, common attitude!

2008: Montréal, Canada

Montréal & Orlando … two cities on opposite ends of North America, but with striking similarities.


2007: San Diego, CA

San Diego & Orlando ... two MSA's rich in education, with strong tourism employment, outstanding quality of life, and almost year-round perfect weather!

2006: Nashville, TN

Greater Nashville & Orlando ... two regions with popularity that spans the globe.